Photo Ops


A New Scavenger Hunt Experience

Photo Ops is a competitive, real time, photo sharing scavenger hunt.

Dominate the competition and win prizes! Winners receive everything from computers, high end fashion accessories, vacations packages and anything else you can think of.

In Photo Ops the players get to decide whether or not a find is legit. YOU get to decide who wins and who loses.

 1. Enter a Game


2. Wait for the Game to Start

The lobby will fill up with other players. As soon as the click hits zero it’s game on! You compete in real time.


3. Find the Items First

Just like a normal scavenger hunt, the first person to find all the items wins.


4. Submit for Verification

When you find an item, take a selfie with the item and submit to the Photo Ops community for verification.



Introducing Social Verification

In Photo Ops the community wields the power to decide the outcome of games.

In a traditional scavenger hunt, the organizer of the hunt normally verifies whether or not an item is found. Players bring the items back to the organizer and he or she decides whether or not the find is legit.

In Photo Ops, when an item is found, a picture of that item is sent to hundreds, even thousands of other players in the Photo Ops community. Each of those players confirm or deny the find.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the Photo Ops system tabulates these results and gives credit for a find or requests the player retake the photo. This all happens within seconds so there’s no downtime for players.

Our Team

Michael Dela Cruz

Michael Dela Cruz

Founder, CEO

Michael is an interactive industry professional with 15 years of experience managing the production of products ranging from mobile apps, video portals, and enterprise scale websites to name a few. His passion for interaction design, gaming and providing entertaining and meaningful experiences to people lead him to create Photo Ops.

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Richard Corral

Richard Corral

Co-Founder, CFO

Mr. Corral’s consulting skills and dynamic content expertise are inspired by a lifelong commitment to advancing progressive change, and over eleven years of academic and professional experience. As a coach, consultant and project manager, Mr. Corral assists clients in crafting win-win solutions around education, green economies, health and wellness, LGBT populations and place-based initiatives. Mr. Corral holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a master's degree in public policy from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and is a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow.

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