Photo Ops



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Efficient and Effective Engagement

Photo Ops is the only mobile scavenger hunt experience designed to produce incredible engagement and massive numbers of impressions.

Unlike other scavenger hunt platforms, Photo Ops leverages the power of its community by encouraging and incentivizing every person with the Photo Ops App in installed to be a verifier.  This means that every second of every day there are potentially thousands of people viewing images through the Photo Ops app.

Stage 1 – Player Engagement

A default game has 10 players and a game list of 10 items. That equals 100 people physically engaging with your products and brands and sharing those experiences with thousands of people.

That is just one game. Photo Ops is designed to run this experience as many times as needed to accommodate the number of players that want to play.


Stage 2 – Verification

This is where Photo Ops creates massive numbers of impressions and earned media for brands and companies.



 Stage 3 – Social Sharing

Players are incentivized to share the photos they took during the game to all of the biggest social networks. 

To learn more about how Photo Ops can increase foot traffic, put products into your customer’s hands, and turn your existing fans and customers into your brand ambassadors contact us at: